Côte à l'os with puffed garlic on the BBQ

It isn’t a secret that Belgians love to eat meat, and what could be better than a classic côte à l'os on the barbecue? The côte à l'os is the cream of Belgian barbecue beef! A côte à l'os is a rib piece with the bone still on it. The bone gives off a delicious flavour. We choose for Simmental beef in this recipe, because this côte à l'os is usually very fine in structure and has a good fat penetration. Simmental is rich in flavour and doesn’t need any strong seasoning, marinade or extra sauces. This way, you have little work in exchange for a delicious piece of côte à l'os. 

Côte à l'os with puffed garlic on the BBQ


It's very important that your côte à l'os rests for a while before you put it on the barbecue. For this reason, it's recommended to take the côte à l'os out of the fridge at least 3 hours in advance. Place the côte à l'os on a plate and cover with a towel. This way, the côte à l'os will get the chance to reach room temperature, which will allow the moisture to dry up and you will be able to grill the meat perfectly. 

Direct or indirect grilling?

When you want to grill a côte à l'os, you have two options: direct or indirect grilling. When you do direct grilling, you put the meat on the grill above the direct heat of your barbecue. This way, the côte à l'os is immediately exposed to the intense heat. The meat is roasted directly by the very high temperature of the fire. This technique is perfect for short searing of pieces of meat. When you do indirect grilling, you need a barbecue with a lid. This way you can slowly cook large pieces of meat. With indirect grilling, the heat doesn’t only come from the bottom, but it's also radiated back onto the food by the lid. It's very important that the côte à l'os doesn’t lie just above the fire, but next to it. Indirect grilling can be perfectly done on Barbecook's gas barbecues, but also on Barbecook’s charcoal barbecues with a lid or with a dome, such as the Loewy

Preparation of côte à l’os on the BBQ

We use a Barbecook gas barbecue to prepare our côte à l'os. Place the whole garlic bulbs on the side of the grill and puff them soft in 15 minutes. You will hear the garlic roast like popcorn. Then let the garlic bulbs cool down. Season the côte à l'os with salt and pepper and place it centrally on the grid. We want to grill the côte à l'os according to the direct grilling method. This is the only way to briefly and powerfully heat the côte à l'os. Grill the meat briefly on both sides and take away from the fire. Then season the côte à l'os with pepper and coarse salt and leave to rest for 5 minutes with aluminium foil on it. Cut the bottom part of the garlic bulb away with a sharp knife and push the roasted clove out of the skin. Mash the roasted garlic with butter, salt and pepper. Cut the côte à l'os into pieces and brush in as desired with the homemade garlic butter. Enjoy your meal!