Rubia Gallega on the BBQ

Ever heard of Rubia Gallega? This Iberian beef has become increasingly popular in our regions over the years. At Barbecook we understand why! The Rubia Gallega cow lives a stress-free life on the higher lying meadows along the Atlantic coast of North-West Spain. The salty air of the ocean determines which grasses and herbs can grow there. Thanks to this type of food, the meat of the Rubia Gallega is imbued with unique flavours. Fancy a nice piece of meat on your charcoal barbecue or gas barbecue or in need of inspiration for your next BBQ party? Then you should definitely try out the Rubia Gallega à la Barbecook.

¡Viva La Vida!

Rubia Gallega on the BBQ

¿Rubia Gallega, Qué?

Rubia Gallega is also called the 'Spanish pearl'. This Iberian beef has a very refined taste. The meat is known for its subtle marbling of fat. It has a spicy and salty taste and has been a prominent part of the menu of many Spanish star chefs for years. The taste sensation arises from the natural and free way of life of these cattle. In Galicia, it is standard practice that Rubia Gallega cattle are not slaughtered until they are seven years old. This is much later than other cattle. The Rubia Gallega has therefore had plenty of time to enjoy all the good things nature has to offer. And for us, it’s also an absolute plus because we can enjoy the excellent taste even more.

Preparation of Rubia Gallega on the BBQ

For the preparation of Rubia Gallega, we choose to use the Barbecook Siesta 412 Black Edition. This gas barbecue is ideal thanks to its 4 powerful burners and sturdy enamelled cast iron grids. Connect the gas bottle and open all burners of your gas barbecue. To prepare the Rubia Gallega, it's important that the BBQ reaches at least 220°C. You can easily maintain full control of this thanks to the built-in thermometer.

Take the Rubia Gallega out of the fridge in advance. As with any piece of meat, it's important to let it come to room temperature beforehand. In this way, the meat won’t be 'shocked' when it’s placed on the hot cast-iron barbecue grids. 

Season the Rubia Gallega with pepper and coarse sea salt and place it at the center of the Siesta gas barbecue. The central part of the Siesta is called the Dynamic Core. This is the hottest part of the gas barbecue and therefore perfect for searing meat. After a few minutes, turn the Rubia Gallega over and let the piece cook further. In order to cook the Rubia Gallega perfectly, a little gut feeling is required. To avoid stress, you can use Barbecook's digital core thermometer. This gives a signal when the correct core temperature and thus the perfect cuisson has been reached. 

Remove the Rubia Gallega from the Siesta gas barbecue and let it rest in aluminium foil. Meanwhile, briefly grill the green asparagus on each side. Sprinkle with olive oil, pepper and salt.

Tip: Fancy a side dish with your Rubia Gallega? Super famous in Spain and delicious on the grill: Pimientos de Padrón. Small green peppers with a delicious, mild flavour! Just grill them and finish off with coarse sea salt. Buen provecho!

Barbecook accessories

When you prepare a delicious Spanish Rubia Gallega on the barbecue, you need to use good, high-quality barbecue accessories. You could choose for example for our practical Barbecook bamboo cutting boards with juice channel or our Olivia chef knife! It couldn't be easier!