Jalapeño burgers on the BBQ

What could be cozier than a barbecue on the go? In the citypark, at the seaside or with friends in the garden? The choice is yours! Choose the Barbecook Carlo and prepare our fantastic recipe for jalapeño burgers. Easy, delicious and inspired by the famous Johnny Cash burger. Success guaranteed! Let’s go!

Jalapeño burgers on the BBQ

Preparation of a jalapeño burger on the BBQ

For the preparation of the jalapeño burger we choose the Barbecook Carlo. Fill the charcoal tray with a layer of charcoal and 3 Barbecook lighter cubes. Light the lighter cubes and turn the fan fully open. You can use the Barbecook matches or lighter. Wait until a white layer of ash appears on the charcoal and add some extra charcoal. Wait again. After this, put the lid on the charcoal tray and place the grid on top of the Carlo. Now your Carlo is ready to grill.

Put the minced meat in a bowl and season the Angus meat completely to your own taste. We choose oregano, paprika, pepper and coarse sea salt. Divide the Angus mince into balls of about 125 grams. Make it easy on yourself and use our Barbecook hamburger press for this. Place the meatballs in the hamburger press and push! Making hamburgers has never been so easy! Next, slice the onions into rings.

Put the Angus burgers along with the onions on the Carlo and let them cook gently. Grill the burgers for about 4 minutes on each side. Do you prefer your hamburgers pink? Then 3 minutes per side will suffice. To flip the hamburger, you can use the Barbecook hamburger spatula. Grill the bacon for 1 minute on each side for a crispy result. Just before the burger is cooked, place a slice of cheddar on the Angus burger and let the cheese melt on the meat.

image -left

Cut the Bagnat bun in half and place your burger with the cheddar cheese on it in the center. Top with the bacon, jalapeño peppers, some coriander, mayo and ketchup. Do you think mayo and ketchup are too basic? Then opt for andalouse or pickles!

Do you like fresh greens? Absolutely no problem. Top the Barbecook jalapeño burger with fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber, gherkins, radishes,... The possibilities are endless.

Good luck!