Grilled chicken skewers in Chimay with fennel and radish

Feel like some new barbecue inspiration? Barbecook is happy to help you out! In this recipe, we choose chicken skewers marinated in Chimay, a Trappist beer. The combination with fresh radishes and fennel isn’t only delicious, but also super healthy. These pimped chicken skewers are ideal as an appetizer or as part of a fresh summer salad. Try our chicken skewers and impress your guests! Ready to taste the fun?

Grilled chicken skewers in Chimay with fennel and radish

Preparation of chicken skewers on the BBQ

Finely chop the coriander and put in a bowl. Not a fan of coriander? Then replace it with flat parsley and chives. Pour half a bottle of Chimay into the fresh herbs and mix. Then add a few spoonfuls of honey and soy sauce. The more honey, the sweeter the marinade. Mix everything until the marinade is even. Marinate the chicken cubes using the Barbecook marinade brush. Allow the chicken cubes to marinate for at least one hour. Be sure to keep some marinade aside so that you can marinade the chicken skewers again later on the barbecue. Then put the chicken cubes on the skewers. Barbecook has several skewers in its assortment, ranging from disposable bamboo skewersstainless steel skewers or chrome and birch skewers.

For this preparation of chicken skewers we use the Barbecook Carlo. Fill the charcoal tray with a layer of charcoal and 3 Barbecook lighter cubes. Light the cubes and turn the fan fully open. Wait until a white layer of ash appears on the charcoal and add some extra charcoal. Wait again. Then put the lid on the charcoal tray and place the grid on top of the Carlo. After this, you can start grilling. Put the chicken skewers on the Carlo and let them grill gently. Brush the chicken skewers regularly with some extra marinade. That way, the skewers stay juicy and get extra flavor.

Meanwhile, finely chop the fennel, radishes and Granny Smith apple and mix. Add fresh chives, a few drops of olive oil and some apple cider vinegar and season with salt and pepper. Mix together and finish with some crushed nuts.

Remove the chicken skewers from the barbecue and serve with the fresh salad. Enjoy!