Greek gyros on the BBQ

Many people assume that barbecuing always takes a lot of work and time, but nothing could be further from the truth. Fancy a cosy evening with friends and family? Without too much work? With the motto 'BBQ & Chill' in mind, we created this tasty, but above all simple gyros recipe. Enjoy!

Greek gyros on the BBQ

Gyros for everybody!

Gyros has its origins in the traditional Greek cuisine. It can be compared to the Middle Eastern shoarma and the Mexican taco and it derived from the Turkish doner kebab, which was invented in the 19th century. Gyros is usually made from pork or chicken, but occasionally lamb or beef is also used. The meat is always first seasoned with gyros herbs and then grilled on a vertically rotating skewer. Gyros is therefore the Greek word for 'spinning'. With this gyros recipe we return to authentic Greece. 

Preparation of Greek gyros on the BBQ 

Do you like to have some comfort and ultimate control? Then Barbecook’s gas barbecue Siesta is something for you! Thanks to the Siesta you can cook outside every day, all year long. The Siesta only has to heat up for 10 minutes. 

In addition to the Siesta, we also use the Barbecook plancha and grill plate for this preparation. The Siesta gas barbecue has been developed in such a way that the middle grid, the Dynamic Core, can be replaced by other plates such as a plancha plate or a pizza plate. The plancha plate is made of cast iron, which guarantees optimal heat distribution and also ensures that the meat does not stick. Win-win to prepare the Greek gyros!

Heat the Siesta gas barbecue to 180°C.

Cut the peppers into pieces and fry them together with the gyros on the plancha plate. When the meat is almost ready, you can put the pita rolls on the side grids for a while, so that they become warm and crispy. In the meantime, cut the tomato and onion into slices.

When everything is ready, you can fill the warm pita rolls with a little tzaziki, the fried gyros, some tomato, salad and onion. Delicious!


Did you know? 

The Dynamic Core is the hottest, most central part of the Siesta gas barbecue. Also in this case you have different grill zones. The further back, the warmer and vice versa.