Salmon en papillote on the BBQ

A delicious barbecue is often still seen as a real meat feast, but fish is also very tasty on the barbecue. Fish is easily digestible and is also ready very quickly. Thanks to this simple recipe, you can prepare the most delicious salmon en papillote on the BBQ. Preparing fish en papillote is extremely delicious and healthy, but also super easy. When you grill it in a papillote, you no longer have to worry about the salmon fillet sticking to the grill or falling apart when you turn it.

Salmon en papillote on the BBQ

Preparation of salmon en papillote on the BBQ

We prepare this delicious salmon en papillote on a Barbecook Siesta 310 gas barbecue. You can also easily prepare this delicious dish on another gas barbecue or a charcoal barbecue. Let's get started!

Cut off the green leaves of the leek and remove the bottom, a few cm above the roots. Wash the leeks well so that the sand is removed. Cut the white of the leeks into julienne. Put some olive oil in the pan and let the vegetables simmer. Then deglaze with some white wine and a little lemon juice. Make sure you have a little wine left to add to the papillote later.

If you really like a lot of vegetables, you can also choose to add some extra vegetables of your choice to the salmon papillote. Think of strips of carrot or cherry tomatoes. Experiment to the max!

Place the leeks in the middle of the barbecue bags and then lay the salmon fillets on top of the leeks. Pour some white wine through the opening and fold the papillot tightly. Pierce a few holes in the barbecue bags. This will allow the steam to escape easily.

Heat the Siesta gas barbecue and let the temperature rise to 200°C with the lid closed. Place the salmon en papillote on the grill. Make sure the transparent sides of your barbecue bags are up. Now let the salmon cook for about 15 minutes under a closed lid. Then let the salmon en papillote cook for another ten minutes with an open lid.

If you like, you can serve the salmon en papillote with some small potatoes, a perfect combo!

Enjoy your meal!