Grilled sole fillet with vegetables on the BBQ

When using Barbecook’s stylish barbecue Karl, we must choose an equally stylish recipe! And nothing better than a deliciously grilled sole on a hot summer day. Sole is a high-quality fish that can be eaten all year long, but it tastes best from June to January. A sole fillet is firm and at the same time soft and juicy! Grilled sole will be certainly a success at your BBQ party!

Let's relax & enjoy the taste of fun with the Karl portable BBQ! 

Grilled sole fillet with vegetables on the BBQ

Preparation of grilled sole and vegetables on the BBQ

As previously mentioned, we use the Barbecook Karl charcoal barbecue for this grilled sole recipe. Remove the grid from the Karl portable BBQ and fill the bowl with a layer of charcoal. Add some Barbecook lighter cubes and light them. Once there is a grey layer on the coals, you can add some more coals. It's important to fully open the fan during this process. That’s the only way to create sufficient air circulation. When another grey layer appears on the coals, the Karl barbecue is ready. 

Cut the vegetables into chunks. Sprinkle the sole fillets and the vegetables with olive oil and season with pepper and coarse sea salt. Place the vegetables and sole fillet on the grill and turn regularly. Tasty and easy! Enjoy!

Karl table BBQ

The Karl table BBQ doesn’t only have a fantastic design, it also has the features we couldn’t do without: power and design. This stylish table barbecue is the perfect accessory on your garden table. The Karl charcoal barbecue is not only quick and easy to use, thanks to its built-in fan, it’s also super safe. The Karl table BBQ is easy to assemble and most elements are dishwasher-proof. Run out of batteries? No problem, thanks to its built-in USB connection, the fan can continue to run by using a power bank. Fancy a BBQ on the go? Then put your Karl in its carrying bag and let’s go!


Handy accessories to prepare your grilled sole

Fish on the barbecue? Always a good idea! Make it easy on yourself with the Barbecook fish grill. An extremely handy accessory in which you can clamp a complete fish in order to grill it nicely on your charcoal barbecue or gas barbecue. Barbecook also offers a fish grill in which you can clamp three fish at the same time, which is very handy if you have several guests coming over!

Does your sole fillet stick to the grid of your barbecue? No worries! Use Barbecook’s grill mats to prevent this. Also, thanks to this accessory, ingredients will no longer dissapear through the grid of your BBQ!