Cold/whiskey smoked salmon

Cold temperatures are no longer an excuse to say you’re not taking out your Barbecook barbecue! By the way, did you know that outdoor temperatures below 10 degrees are perfect to experiment with a smoker? Fancy an original winter barbecue? Barbecook helps you out! Get inspired by our special edition of cold smoked salmon: whiskey smoked salmon. Discover the taste of fun!

Cold/whiskey smoked salmon

Smoked salmon

Cold smoked salmon is very popular in Scandinavian countries. Its location by the sea has a great influence on this. Norwegian smoked salmon is perhaps the best known salmon. Especially the Gravad Lax is considered a classic. This preparation of salmon is especially typical for the far cold North. The dish originates from the Middle Ages and literally means 'salmon buried in the ground'. In order to preserve the salmon longer, it was smeared with a lot of salt and other spices and then put in the ground for several days. This way, the salmon was lightly dried. Smoked salmon is rich in proteins and contains many healthy fats. The proteins are good for strong muscles and prevent breakdown of muscle tissue. The fats ensure that our body functions properly. Smoked salmon is also full of healthy minerals, including iron. Iron ensures sufficient oxygen in our tissues, contributes to a healthy metabolism and is good for the heart.  

Preparation of cold smoked salmon with whiskey in the smoker

To prepare the whiskey smoked salmon, we work with the Barbecook Oskar and the Barbecook cold smoke generator. In order to obtain a successful cold smoked salmon, you should first pickle it. Crush a handful of mixed pepper balls and juniper berries in a mortar. Rub the salmon with a dash of triggered whiskey and the spice mixture. Fill an oven dish with coarse sea salt, place the salmon in it and top it off with salt. It is important that the salmon is completely covered with salt, as it will extract the moisture from the salmon. Cover the dish and let the salmon rest for about 12 hours in the fridge. Take the salmon out of the fridge, rinse it and pat it dry. Now leave the salmon uncovered in the fridge overnight to dry further. This ensures that the salmon will absorb the smoke flavour even better. 

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Fill the cold smoke generator with smoking dust. For this whiskey smoked salmon dish, we use Barbecook beech smoking dust, because it gives a mild taste to the preparation. Place the candle in the smoke generator and light it with the Barbecook lighter. When the smoking dust starts to smoulder, blow out the candle and place the cold smoke generator at the bottom of the Oskar smoker. Place the salmon on the upper grid of the Oskar smoker and close the lid. Check the temperature regularly. The temperature should not exceed 25°C. After 7 to 8 hours, the smoking dust will be used up and your salmon will have a delicious smoky taste. 

Cut your whiskey smoked salmon into fine cubes or slices and enjoy!