Cod en papillote on the BBQ

Barbecuing is hot & trendy! Fancy something new? Then why not opt for fish on the barbecue: made very quickly, enormously tasty and easily digestible. Impress your guests with our cod en papillote accompanied by lemon and fresh herbs. Success guaranteed!

Cod en papillote on the BBQ

Preparation of cod en papillote on the BBQ

For the preparation of cod en papillote, we choose the Barbecook Edson BBQ. Light the Edson  BBQ by using the Barbecook charcoal starter and let the party begin!

Pour the olive oil into a bowl and press the garlic. Mix well and season with salt and pepper. Pat the cod dry with kitchen paper and then brush it with the homemade garlic oil. Make it easy on yourself and choose the Barbecook sauce pan with marinade brush. Marinating has never been so easy. Let the cod rest for a while.

Remove the green leaves and the bottom of the leek and cut into rings. Wash the leeks and let them dry sufficiently.

Open the barbecue bags and fill them with leeks. Place the cod on the leeks and finish with lemon slices, fresh dill, thyme and parsley. It’s very important to close the barbecue bags tightly. Pierce a few holes in the barbecue bags so that the steam can escape.

Next, place the cod en papillote on the Edson BBQ for 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure you put the transparent side of the barbecue bags up. This way you can keep a close eye on the cod en papillote. The cooking time depends on the thickness of the cod. It’s important that the cod is no longer glassy. When the cod is ready, you can take it off the barbecue. Remove the barbecue bags from the Edson using the Barbecook fish spatula. This way you’re sure you won’t burn yourself. Tear open the transparent top of the barbecue bags and serve. Finish off with some extra fresh dill, parsley and coarse sea salt.

Would you like something more elaborate? Serve the cod en papillote with fresh potatoes and a fresh, homemade lime mayonnaise. Delicious!

Barbecook's barbecue bags

To make a cod fillet on the BBQ you should use Barbecook’s barbecue bags. The barbecue bags ensure that the marinade will be perfectly spread over the various ingredients without it escaping between the grids. The barbecue bags also avoid the fish from sticking to the grid. Not only does this prevent the fish from falling apart, but it also guarantees clean grates. Nothing but benefits!