Deliciously spiced camembert on the BBQ

Camembert is a cheese that is often served as an appetizer. You first sprinkle or prick some tasty herbs on/in it and once spiced properly, you can warm the camembert in your oven or on your BBQ. Result: a deliciously creamy taste bomb! Enjoy this creamy camembert by dipping some crispy pieces of bread in it or for the healthy ones: chicory is also a top combo with camembert! Yummy!

Deliciously spiced camembert on the BBQ

Origin of camembert

Camembert is a French cheese. No surprise, because France is known for its good cheeses. This type of cheese owes its name to a French village called 'Camembert', located in authentic Normandy. Camembert is a soft cheese that is enjoyed by many epicureans. You can use camembert in a salad as well as on a cheese board, but above all camembert is very tasty as an appetizer!

Preparation of camembert with herbs on the BBQ

For this preparation it’s best to use a Barbecook gas barbecue such as the SpringSiesta or Stella. These all have a lid and thus function, as it were, as an oven. Thanks to the lid, the indirect heat can be easily spread throughout the BBQ. You can be sure that your camembert will be deliciously creamy! Light your barbecue and prepare your BBQ for indirect heat (medium temperature).

Remove the camembert from the plastic wrap. There is a chance that the wooden box of the camembert will crack when you put it on the barbecue. This will cause your cheese to start spilling out onto your BBQ. So take your precautions and let the wooden box soak in water for a while or simply wrap some aluminum foil around the box. You can also use a Barbecook grill mat to prevent any sticky situations.

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Gently slice the top of the camembert at 0.5 cm from the edge. Cook the camembert on the BBQ on a low heat for 15 minutes with the wooden lid on. 

Remove from the BBQ and place the wooden lid under the bottom half. Remove the crust at the top of the camembert (this should be easy, otherwise the cheese will need to be on the barbecue even longer) and season with the paprika, vadouvan, thyme, rosemary, chives, pepper and salt. Serve with ciabatta.