Crumble with red fruit on the BBQ

Let's get ready to (c)rumble! Making a crumble is surprisingly easy. The basic ingredients are flour, sugar and butter, easy peasy! And of course not to forget: delicious fresh fruit. The fruit forms the bottom layer and on top of that comes the crumbly cookie layer. It's that simple! In this recipe we go for a crumble with red fruit prepared on the BBQ, irresistibly delicious!

Crumble with red fruit on the BBQ

Sweet crumble vs. savory crumble

With a crumble you can go all the way. Crumble of rhubarb, with apple and pear or with grapes and plums. With an extra touch like some lemon zest, chocolate or even caramel, anything is possible! But did you know that you can even conjure up a delicious savory crumble? There’s no fixed base recipe for a savory crumble, just always make sure there’s a right ratio between dry ingredients (such as flour, oatmeal, breadcrumbs, chopped nuts...) and wet ingredients (such as cheese, egg white, butter...). The base layer is a combination of delicious vegetables. Meat or fish can also be added. Experiment to your heart's content!

Preparation of crumble with red fruit on the BBQ

To prepare the crumble with red fruit we use a Stella gas barbecue. This barbecue is of extreme high quality and thanks to the built-in thermometer you can keep a close eye on the temperature. When baking, it’s extremely important that the temperature is more or less accurate. Turn on the barbecue and prepare for indirect heat (temperature of about 200 °C).

Add 25 grams of the sugar to the red fruit and mix in the vanilla essence, lemon juice and zest. Put the flour, the rest of the sugar, salt and butter in another bowl. Make sure the butter is ice cold. This will guarantee a perfectly crumbly crumble. Mix the ingredients with your hands until crumbly. 

Brush an ovenproof dish or pan (with a diameter of about 27 cm) with oil. You can choose one of the cast iron simmering pots of Barbecook (3L or 9L). Pour the red fruit mixture over the bottom. Then cover this with the crumble. Place the pot on the barbecue grid with the lid closed (indirect heat). Bake the crumble for about 30 minutes until golden brown. Serve with a tablespoon of sour cream and some verveine.